Eventbrite - EVOLVEFEST 2014
Music and Yoga Festival
  • David Bryson and Archarya Ghirish Jah

  • Concert Field

  • Nightscape!

  • Chant~! Chant~! Chant~!

  • Aloka's Yoga Bootie Camp

  • Come and Dance!

  • Experience Healing

  • Interactive Art Installation

  • Violin Goddess

  • Children Welcome~!

  • Evolvefest from Pinwheel Vista


The  EVOLVEFEST WisdomTribe is STOKED to be bringing you the 8th annual EVOLVE Music and Yoga Festival (8/29-9/1 2014) at Fellowship Farm in Pottstown PA. Join us for a BLISS~FILLED gathering of Inspired Community~! Tickets are on sale NOW!

ॐ~LIFE IS AMAZING~ॐ ॐ~Let's Celebrate the POWER of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE at EVOLVEFEST 2014~ॐ

Incredible vibe all around!

Yoga IntensivesDJ’s – Live Bands – Theme Campsites – Installation ArtEducational Workshops – Community Ceremonies -  Interactive Performances – Healing Sanctuary – Ascension Temple – Art Vendors- Bhakti Fashion – Organic Food – Permaculture – Kirtan – Camping & Nature – Central Fire – Drum Circles


Evolvefest is the Northeast’s leading transformational/transitional-culture gathering, attracting thousands of HyperCreative, RadicallyResponsible and HeartCentered individuals from all walks of life~! In 2014 the EVOLVEFEST TRIBE invites YOU to experience the MAGIC that happens when WE   gather together with sacred intention~!

The Evolvefest vision arises from our collective power to move forward as ONE Earth Tribe that is coming into positive and healthy alignment with ourselves, with one another, with our Planet and with all beings everywhere.

Evolvefest celebrates the boundless power of the creative human spirit and brings together over 100 Bands, Yoga Instructors, Visionary Artists, Guest Speakers, Wisdom-Keepers and thousands from the global community in a vibrant exchange of positive, loving energy and fresh, cutting-edge ideas. Evolvefest is an authentic, empowering, participant-driven experience!.

Evolvefest is GRATEFUL that EVERYONE IN OUR GROWING TRIBE  is Co=Creating a Global Shift that is happening from the center of our HEARTS and shining out in all directions!!!

ƸӜƷ~2014~This is OUR year to Bloom WILDER~!ƸӜƷ

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  • This Tribe consists of people that are driven by passion, mission and purpose.
  • We are here to address global concerns, seek creative solutions and  to improve the well-being of  the 7 Billion people on this planet.
  • We influence lives by speaking the common language of the Heart,  appealing to the highest in humanity and by inspiring every soul to find it’s purpose aqnd rise to it’s highest expression.
  • Thru mutual inspiration, heart-communication, sharing, mentoring and by DEMONSTRATING LOVE to one another, Evolvefest is living evidence of the Power of Spirit to transform community in positively vibrant, healthy and magnificent ways~!

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“They had discovered one could grow as hungry for light as for food.”

Stephen King, The Gunslinger

Evolvefest is not affiliated with any particular religion but is an open and shared exploration of our Divine Humanity and our Divine Source that invites everyone to explore the nature of spiritual freedom, expanding consciousness, the nature of reality and the many mysteries of Life~!

 Evolvefest is here to assist in the MASS AWAKENING of humanity~ so that ALL BEINGS know they are LOVE AND ARE LOVED, so that all beings may be HAPPY AND FREE and so that all beings MAY AWAKEN TO THEIR TRUE NATURE~!



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Fellowship Farm
2488 Sanatoga Road
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