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Lexi Jade

Lexi Jade

mantisLexi Jade

Cognitive Hooping
Through Mind, Body, & Spirit
w. Lexi Jade & the Hoop Mistresses

During this workshop, I plan to explain the personalized spin and system behind my madness, which is Fire Hooping. I will begin with the approach of fire safety and the precautions attached with the career of a fire performer, a brief educational background connecting ones spiritual self with the art of hula hooping, along with the benefits that can blossom from the focus of hula hooping and what positivity hula hooping has introduced to my life and life style. If time allows I wish to provide a short tutorial upon HHY (Hula hoop yoga). This is an activity I do 2 hours out of every day and a half hour before every performance.

Hoop Mistress Biography;

Hoop Mistress Inc. is a collective of like minded individuals who have been drawn together by the love and passion of Hula Hooping. Approximately two and a half years ago I (Lexi Jade, CEO/ & Founder of Hoop Mistress inc.) had picked up that missing piece to the puzzle, which is now my life, the hula hoop. Next came the fire hoop, I had found an activity that brought me joy while making exercising enjoyable as well. I later configured a basic yoga course while incorporating hula hooping. Since hula hooping had a power of meditation over me, I knew hula hooping would only benefit yogic training. From here creativity grew and ideas had blossomed, later we became Hoop Mistress Inc. a tribe of fire loving ladies using creative hoop expression through mind, body, and spirit to satisfy your entertainment needs. A spin on fire where sexy meets entertaining.

Education through creativity a stretch to success! <3

hoopmistressAll around the world the art of Hula Hooping has entered if not your very own home, the homes surrounding you. Fitness and dance classes have been formulated around the physical act of hula hooping. This short demonstration will provide a beginners level hoop dance/ hoop fitness lesson, ending with a short hula hooping contest.  Here is a short list of the benefits which come with the art which is hoop dance/ hoop fitness

1: Core strength. Hula hooping targets the core of your center, strengthening your abdominal muscles while enhancing balance.

2: Muscle control. Stimulating control over ones hula hoop in return gives you the ability to have control over your very own muscles. use multiply muscles and joints strengthening range of motion.

3: Awareness of mental health. Hula hooping serves as a form of emotional release and self expression, a state of meditation persae, an alternative to self medicating and a hobby that generally betters you, and everyone around.

Hula Hooping, it is self expression and an internal journey for the soul. The level of zen that is reached is similar to meditation, and euphoria. A gift from above, that I am ecstatic to share with all of you.

Nick Atlas

NickAtlas_EvolvefestNick Atlas

Nick Atlas is an experienced meditation teacher, dream yogi and iRest® Yoga Nidra instructor with over ten years of disciplined practice and spiritual inquiry. An accomplished artist, musician, forthcoming author and graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, he is currently earning his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of West Georgia and is building Mind & Nature, an evolutionary educational organization based upon the principles of deep ecology and non-duality.


“Singing is like running energy right through your body.”
These are the words of internationally-reknown vocalist Bobby McFerrin,
the creator of Circlesongs, an experience in improvisational movement, breath,
rhythm and melody designed to open the heart and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.
This enlightening workshop features a variety of group experiments in
music-making to help you find your voice and transcend through the yoga of sound.
Voices large and small are welcome and no prior musical, yogic or singing experience is necessary,
though an open mind, keen ear and love of music will take you a long way.
Music moves energy right through your body. Clean your pipes and open your heart through improvisational singing & beatboxing, movement and breathwork inspired by Bobby McFerrin.
Dream Yoga, Kundalini & the Clear Light


Join Nick for an experiential journey toward the “clear light,” safely lifting the veil via an assortment of ancient meditative practices designed to awaken complete, embodied presence, the wisdom of the heart and the total perception of non-duality. Through the rare art of dream yoga, which integrates movement, breathwork, chanting and yoga nidra, we will explore the relationship between lucid, non-lucid and hyperspace dreaming, dream recall, the cultivation of prana, kundalini, and the mystic, clear light of samadhi.

Join Nick for an experiential journey toward the “clear light,” exploring the relationship between lucid, non-lucid and hyperspace dreaming, dream recall, the cultivation of prana/qi, kundalini, and the total perception of non-duality.


Facebook: (personal) (fan page)
Video (via link):
(or you can view here:

Wynne Paris

Wynne Paris


Wynne Paris

Wynne Paris is an artist/producer from washington dc. he has taught and peformed at many yoga and music festivals and gatherings around the country.  his spiritual background and teachers include yogananda , neem karoli baba and mata amritanandamayi. he has been a professional musician for over 30 years and has been on the kirtan path since 1994. some of the musicians he has recorded or shared the stage w/  include Krishna Das, Guru Ganesha Singh, Snatam Kaur, Bhagavan Das,  Dave Stringer, etc.

Band Bio:

Wynne has been living with one hand on a stratocaster and one foot on a yoga mat for over 14 years,  spending his time touring yoga centers and festivals, teaching Kirtan : the call and response tradition of yogic chanting. Wynne has worked with many well known musicians, including Krishna Das,
Guru Ganesha Singh and Bhagavan Das. He has also recorded and produced music with many well known artists from bands like Ratdog, Bruce Hornsby Band & Def Leppard, mixing Rock and Yoga music into his latest release: Groovananda


Michelle Infinity

Michelle Infinity is a singer, yoga instructor and professor at full sail university in orlando.  she is an artist and a goddess devotee who  performs with wynne as a member of his group groovananda.

The Art and Practice of Kirtan w/ Wynne Paris and Michelle Infinity

Wynne paris has been at the forefront of the of the kirtan revolution for well over a decade. as a full time touring yogi troubadour, he has had the opportunity to learn from many great masters of the yoga and bhakti tradition.  In this workshop, Wynne and Singer Michelle Infinity, will present various styles and approaches to the art of kirtan.  They will feature musical and spiritual teachings designed to lead the participant into a heart opening space of healing.  mantras, deities, ragas ( eastern musical scales ) rhythms and stories will interweave into an experience that is suited for musicians , yogis , meditators and dancers. everyone is welcome, no experience needed. drums are welcome. Please bring open hearts, dancing feet, clapping hands and voices ready to sing to the divine.



Facebook Page:

Perry Kroeger

Perry Kroeger

SRLotusPerry Kroeger

Perry Arthur Kroeger is currently Artist in Residence at The Growing Stage, The Children’s Theater of New Jersey.  He is an accomplished comedian, writer, and artist.


“Artspirations Workshop”

Description of Workshop, see video:


Length, 90 minutes


“Wisdom Reading with the Tarot”

Description of Workshop, see video:

Length, 90 minutes, or 2 separate one hour sessions.


“Nature Mandala Workshop”

perry2Participants all gather and go on a leisurely hike in the surrounding woods and meadows where we collect various plants, rocks, twigs, branches, weeds, flowers, pine cones, pods, seeds, leaves and other natural items and bring them back to an open outdoor space.  Together we collaborate in assembling them into a large mandala pattern on the ground.  This can be photographed from above by standing on a tall A-frame ladder.  Participants can photograph this with their own cameras, or I can email them a jpeg that I provide.  (can Evolvefest provide a 8’ to12’ A-frame ladder?)


Length, 2 hours


Artistic Offering

I would like to offer to paint 2 to 3 Soul Trees (see pics) at once in acrylic paint, rotating canvases so that while one drys I am painting another… all 2 to 3 done in stages.  I work very fast.Working fast in acrylic, rotating canvases, I offer a series of Soul Trees.  Soul Trees hold our history at the root, our essence at the trunk, and our growth in the branches.



Matthew Fallon

Matthew Fallon

matthew fallonMatthew Fallon

For the past decade  Matthew Fallon has been proprietor of Tribal Wind Arts, A specialty craft-studio in Long Island NY,  working as an

Environmental Artisan-Craftsman, making flutes, drums,furniture and more from natural raw materials such as trees otherwise headed for the landfill and locally harvested bamboo from groves that have become invasive.

Matthew’s work is inspired by his world travels, nature and sustainable practices.

in 2010 he founded “Baldwin Organic Garden Share” as a home-based garden cooperative and permaculture project, with the goal of building community and fostering local interest in healthier ways of living by teaching how to grow healthy foods, running a mini CSA, hosting monthly vegan garden potlucks and various workshops by himself and other community members.

see more at

Tribal Wind Arts

Baldwin Organic Garden Share


~Birth of a Flute ~  the Making of the Native-American Style Flute.

 The Native American Flute has long been admired for its haunting, enchanting sound. With bone flutes having been traced back as far as 60,000 years, they are among the world’s oldest instruments.

Through observation and hands-on assistance, this interactive experience will empower participants with the basic knowledge to craft and play their own Native-American style bamboo flute at home.   All are  encouraged to bring a flute along to play together afterward!.bamboo will be made available to take home.


matthew fallon -2GIY : Grow It Yourself !  

A garden is about SO much more than herbs and veg. its a respite fromt eh daily grind, it’s an oasis of life , a place of healing for us our fellow earthling creatures,and the planet!, it can be a political statement ,way of taking back some power and control over what we put in our bodies!

Whether you’re in a tiny apartment or the country, We’ll explore many  ways of growing food,herbs,soil life and health!.

Topics covered include :

  • Composting (worms,piles,trenches) making an indoor worm-bin together.
  • Soil Blocking -seedbombs and seed-starting
  • guerrilla gardening.
  • Container-gardening – making a self watering bucket system)
  • Compost Teas – supercharging the soil,plants and you.
  • seed-saving – have to harvest and store various type of seed..examples provided.
  • Propagating- free plants from cuttings!
  • Raised beds/ Hugelkultur mounds.
  • Rain-Barrel Drip Irrigation and more!





Alokananda is an intuitive healer, channel and initiate in multiple wisdom lineages. Through his commitment to healing he shares many gifts with both individuals and large groups. Alokananda shares his own authentic relationship to Energy work, Native American & South American Shamanism, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Qi Gong, Bio-Energetics, Core Healing, Tantra and the Ancient Mystery Schools. Over the course of 9 years he has studied intimately in direct mentorship with various elders and master teachers in the above mentioned lineages and modalities and continues to do so. It is through this commitment to what he calls “the mystic thread”; the unifying aspect of these various paths that he has become an embodiment of the rainbow warrior. Creatively and joyfully, utilizing sound, song, touch, empathic insight and intuition; Aloka takes passion assisting and supporting others in their sacred process of creating wholeness, authenticity, enhancement, deeper connection and love.

Alokananda is also the founder & co-creator of UNITRIBE productions out of NYC as a visionary, producer and community organizer. UNITRIBE is committed to creating empowered, high vibe and connected transformational culture on the planet.



A Ceremonial Activation and Shamanic Journey
With Alokananda + friends

This Workshop brings together a powerful combination of ceremony, activations, shamanic journeying, sacred songs and music, channeling, breath work and more…

Offering participants the opportunity to drop into safe sacred space and deepen their connection to spirit, self, the ancestors, earth and cosmos.

Illuminating the 7 bodies brings one’s soul to the seat of its thrown, aligning all the chakras, the 7 bodies ( Genetic, etheric, soul, physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) addressing various blockages and offering the possibility of karmic resolution.

    • The effect of this process varies for everyone


  • Receive authentic support, and move visceral; tangible energy
  • This workshop can be challenging for some emotionally (as often many blockages are held in the emotional body)
  • Bring a blanket/ shawl & or yoga mat

Talk :

The Role of the Emotional Body in the Age of Ascension

This sharing is an in-depth and hands on exploration of the Emotional Body, how it co-creates our reality,its role in healing and its  significance in the age that we are living in. Information is shared from a multi-disciplinary understanding including; bio-energetics, shamanism, egyptian hermetics, chinese medicine, and more. One of the main goals is to share the significance emotional healing has, in how it relates to the activation of the light body. This is not just information, but a transmission of understanding is possible with to those with an open & willing heart.

Richard Burton

Richard Burton

Richard Burton is an artist and musician growing up in New Jersey during the 60′s and 70′s influenced by the youth counter culture and new age movements. Moved to West Virginia with the Mudds a hippy commune of kindred spirits. Becoming a vegetarian and practicing yogic self realization techniques, lead to a lucid death experience during meditation which affirmed eternal conscious and blissful life or satchitananda the primal state of the soul.

Moving to California was next. After living in Santa Cruz and Frisco finally settled in San Diego and Venice working as a sign artist. During a channeling session in Malibu with Shirley Maclaine a 5000 year old priest of ancient Egypt awakened the Atlantien astrological system of playing cards which lead to more realizations of the cosmic order and personality traits. Practice of bhakti yoga yielded the most insights to existence and the qualities of the supreme personality whose pastimes are endless and as nectar to his eternal servants and lovers. Returning to West Virginia and New Jersey in the mid eighties brought on a need for social comment so stand up comedy was added to the repertoire but proved too radical for the times and was abandoned but not forgotten. Open mics afforded a release to play the blues. In the late nineties Starman was born on WNTI taking live calls with inpromto astrology readings to the amazement of all. At the turn of the millennium research finally hatched Millennial Chess the astrological history of the world.


Millennial Chess Lecture

Millennial Chess is a presentation of the world as an astrological calendar highlighting the historical events as they have evolved into the present and future. Each historical era is represented by a piece on a chess board with corresponding astrological rulerships. This is an entirely new approach yet ancient in it’s origin and is the basis of the game of chess as the universal caste system. Included are the four suits of the playing cards as the original paraphernalia of the four armed Vishnu creator of the material worlds and Varnasrama known as brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra or ecumenical, administrative, mercantile and labor classes.

Features in the lecture include, “You’re a peon”, the 50000 year rise of the Roman empire and it’s colonialization over the last millennium and it’s subsequent European dominance of the next 50000 years through it’s clone, the District of Columbia.  “New World Hors d’oeuvre”, the unappetizing history of the United Nations one world government and it’s final consolidation in North and South Americas within the next 47 years.   “The Big Bank Theory”, the history of Wall Street and it’s connections to the Knights Templers, Rothchilds and Vatican banks and financial overthrow of the United States of America.  ”Death has no Mercy”, why feeding off the slaughter house results in wars, terrorism, police state surveillance, concentration camps, hate crimes, mindless mass shootings and health disorders and how a vegetarian diet and the practice of ahimsa (doing no harm) can help create a more peaceful and loving environment for the inhabitants of our planet and universe.

It is uniquely insightful and very entertaining . The red pill is a prerequisite. Not recommended for the squeamish.

Molly Stanton

Molly Stanton

molly-stantonMolly Stanton

Molly Stanton, MS spent the early part of her life lost in the drab, grey cultural story of excessive work and materialism.  When a friend invited her to a firewalk she found herself dry and brittle at the edge of a fire with a bag full of reasons why she was trapped in her story.  At the other side of that fire, numinous paths wound their way from the outer edge.  She followed the white rabbit down the trail of the indigenous medicine of the British Isles and presently practices as a Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, mythic artist, and a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor.

The Celtic Medicine Wheel

Much of what modern culture presents to us as the good life is neither good, nor is it really life.  The flickering unreality of the television lulls us into a wakeful sleep and we forget who we are.  The ancient Celts gave us many tools for cultivating a life full of sacred purpose and wonderment at the world around us.  The myths of the Celts tell of a time much like this one where the people forgot who they were.  The oldest and wisest of the land were summoned and asked to remind the High King and the people of the “proper order of things” within the soul and on the land.  As he relates the story of the spirit man who visited Ireland aeons ago, the people re-learn that just like their souls, Ireland itself is divided into 5 provinces, a sovereign center and 4 winds.  Indeed, standing on the hill at Tara, the sacred center of Ireland and the seat of the High King, the horizon stretches out to the 4 directions and the soul rushes out to meet them.  Each direction bring  a different energy and challenge to human life.  In the class we will learn about the energies and pathways within the wheel, the concept of sovereignty in the Celtic world, and how to use these tools to awaken to the world around you and find your unique place.
Celtic myth tells of a time, like this one, where the people were lost.  Forgetting who they were in relation to the land, even the High King became a sleepwalker.  But an ancient seer recalled the sacred structure of both the soul and the land and returned to teach them the 5 fold path of spiritual development.  Learning the Celtic Medicine Wheel is a profound tool for orienting deeply to the energies and conflicts that flow through human life.
Arrow Break

We often learn the best through experiences in the body.  Sometimes to break past an internal block we need to learn to work with our fears to break through them physically first.  An arrow breaking ceremony is a great way to accomplish a literal and spiritual breakthrough.  In the ceremony you will have the opportunity to clarify a vision for your life or a personal goal, identify those things in your life that seem to be blocking you from attaining it, and join a community of others to in an exercise to break past your obstacles.  You will learn skills for building your energy to overcome an obstacle, channeling fear, and changing your concept of who you are and what you are capable of.  In the workshop we will learn about how cultures used the arrow break in the past.  Next we will clarify what we want out of our lives and what is holding us back.  Then each person will have the opportunity to break their arrow either by resting it at their neck or by breaking it across the knee.  FInally, we will learn how to make the broken arrow into a prayer arrow for the participants to take home with them. Never attempt an arrow break without the presence of a trained instructor.  Class size limited to 15, cost: $10 to cover the cost of materials.
The physical process of resting an arrow at the neck and breaking through it can be a catalyst for creating an internal shift that breaks through fears, clarifies goals, and creates the momentum to reach those goals.  In the workshop you will be given the opportunity to experience this medicine first hand.  Never attempt breaking an arrow in this manner without a qualified instructor.  Class size is limited to 15, cost $10 to cover the cost of materials.

Kaitlyn Menet

Kaitlyn Menet

fire poi 1Kaitlyn Menet

Kaitlyn Menet is a self-taught flow artist who’s area of expertise is poi. Kai began spinning poi at the age of 14 and has since honed her skills, transitioning from working with simple glow sticks to fire poi, and is currently revered as one of the top female poi spinners in the Reading area. She developed a passion for dance and martial art’s at a young age and has trained in both the fields. She has performed at many EDM events, festivals, weddings and clubs around the North East Region and enjoys sharing her passion and teaching others. Though poi is her strong point she also dabbles around in belly dancing, staffing, hooping, rope darting, fire eating, orbiting, fans, nun chuck and gloving. She also fabricates hand-crafted hoops, poi and neat LED toys. She is especially known for her high energy and  incredibly fast spinning style, hence the name, fire ninja.

Intro into Poi

This workshop will go over the history of poi and how it revolutionized into modern day poi. It will then go over the different types of poi and how to make a practice set. Next it will cover all the basic moves and how to properly hold the poi. Lastly it will show some simple exercises needed to do before one practices with poi to prevent injuries.
This workshop is meant to introduce people to what poi is and show them the basics so they can continue on learning the beautiful flow art that is poi.

Gina Galaxi

Gina Galaxi

ginagalaxiGina Galaxi

I have been hooping for the past 3 years and working with mini hoops for 2. I also teach yoga and am getting my 200 hour certification from yoga alliance. Currently, I am a student at West Chester University but will be graduating in August 2013 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Ethnic Studies. My goal is to spread the power of hooping and flow combined with yoga to bring the body and mind into a blissful state of peace. Though I have not formally taught any mini hooping workshops, I have been teaching yoga for some time and have taught friends mini hooping informally. Also I have been working with Hoop Mistress for almost a year. I am looking to teach this workshop and mini hooping in general because not many people in the area do it and less teach it so I would like to be a leader in showing others the art form.

Mini hoops Workshop

In this workshop I will be focusing on the art of hoop dance with 2 mini hoops. The workshop will begin with a quick ice breaker and then we will go through a round of stretches. I will then take inventory of the participants skill levels as well as talk about how mini hooping is different from regular hooping. We will first work on some of the basic skills of mini hooping (weaves, planes hooping, illusions, and antigravity flowers). Following this, I will ask the participants if there are any tricks they know they want to learn. At this point I will either teach tricks that the group wants to learn or if none are offered I will teach a few tricks, 2 beginner level and 2 more advanced tricks. After we have gone through some tricks together we will move onto how to string them together and talk about transitioning tricks with mini hoops. Finally there will be some free spin time and then some cool down stretches. In total the workshop will run about 2 hours, though the last half hour or so will be more of a free spin. If there is time and participants I might also throw in a partner mini hoop trick tutorial. Lexi will be assisting me throughout the workshop. Benefits of this workshop will include improved focus, hand-eye coordination, arm strength, concentration, flexibility, and students will leave with having learned new stretches and tricks and will have tons of fun.

Website: - Gina Galaxi on the performers page

Facebook: The Hoop Mistresses,


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